The Warrior FEMALE - Generic Formats Verion

By arteria3d

$12.99 $19.00
The Warrior - Female Version
This is the Generic Formats version of the original Unity UMA pack - The files in this purchase can be used in any game engine that uses the FBX format. Animation wise, the character is supplied fully rigged, that can be used with Unity Mecanim, and is supplied with 3 FBX versions for compatibility.  Our included FBX 2012, works flawlessly with Mixamo Autorig  and animations supplied by Mixamo.


    Character is supplied in 3 versions

    • High Res - 90k
    • Med - 30k
    • Lower - 12k

      Materials include:

      • Albedo
      • Spec/Metal
      • Normal Map
      • AO



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