About Us/License

Arteria3d provides quality 3d and music content for computer games, education and commercial markets.

Launched in September 2005 Arteria have developed over the years, learning and embracing new ideas and skillsets to provide quality content.
One of arteria's niche markets is the medieval content, of which our main Artist Steve Finney, visits locations weekly up and down the uk, researching historical sites and gathering photos from the journeys to create original and hisotircally accurate 3d content packs.
We are also embracing many new pack concepts for imminent and future release including modern days packs such as our new shanty town pack, and urban city p.
In January 2012 arteria became a Ltd Company based in the Uk, continuing its success and growth.
All the products we offer can be used royalty free in your video game and media productions, without further payment to arterai3d other than the intiial cost of the purchased pack.  All we ask, is that you mention us on your credits page.
You can use the models and audio we sell in as many productions as you require, without having to pay separate licenses per use.
About our Order System
Most products are delivered immediatally via digital download, however some larger packs are provided via manual links within 12 hours of purchase
Unity Scene Usage
The scenes that are included with some of our packs for unity that showcase the content, cannot be 'as is' used as part of a level design towards competitions - you can use them as is in your game projects however.
If a customer purchases from Arteria, we may offer a discounted membership.  This allows the customer to download all content for either a year or lifetime with no further charges, whilst under the Arteria banner. The only exception is a specific 'Out of scope' addon.  For example, we provide 3d assets, but not 3d scenes in so much as a character or environment pack set out in a specific engine. Addons are generally specific to Unity and Unreal game engines.
Unity 5 PBR setout content(such as the ornate castle) are additional extras at $35.  Similarly the Unreal level set addon costs $45. UMA 2 isn't included also, this costs $65 as an addon
Membership falls into two categories.  Membership provides environment packs, music and characters in popular model formats for use in a variety of game engines.
We also include assets for ICLONE too.  All our environment packs are in ICLONE format, and we have a special sub section of animated characters for Iclone users too who purchased  membership. If iclone compatible, this is listed on the character information in the members area
Currently we are converting assets from unity 4 to unity 5, so some packages purchased may not contain the unity package version, but will contain an FBX file which work seamlessly in unity.  We also supply the unity 5 version when the conversions are done
USAGE restrictions
you can use our content royalty free in your own project, however you cannot use our products as part of custom work you are doing for your own  clients, if this is needed you must email steve@arteria3d.com to purchase a special 3rd party license. ($75 per product used)
As the packs are royalty free, its essential that you credit Arteria in your credits page.
In appreciation to CG Textures, of which we source some textures for our models from.