Ornate Castle for Unity 5

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Ornate Castle for Unity 5.

After many months of development, we are proud to release the first in our new series of Higher Poly models set up for Unity 5, with full PBR.

The product is delivered by download as a unity 5 package, complete with full level, as depicted in the promotional images here - that's right, you get the unity level with the complete castle se tout, with PBR materials, lighting and HDR.

Each piece of the castle is modular...every wall, turret, archway, corbel.. This means that the castle is already setup to maximise culling and fps

Product Details:

Full Castle Poly Count - 800k

LOD - Lod Verisions of each modular piece will be provided free to customers within a few weeks of purchase, and the unity package updated to include the LOD's already setup. Pack provided as prefab setup in unity. Terrain isnt included.