SciFi Ground Troop

By arteria3d


The 'SciFi Ground Troop  Set' is designed for Unity 5 UMA 2.5 Character system..

 Provided with this pack are 10 slots/Overlays


Fully set up for the new WARDROBE system, the pack is provided with each item setup as a Wardrobe item, with the relevant base body slots hidden underneath where not necessary to be shown

SLOTS Included & Overlays & Wardrobe items include:

    •  Helmet
    • Helmet Separate Visor
    • BackPack
    • Torso Clothing
    • Torso Armour
    • Elbow Pads
    • Shoulder Belt
    • Trousers
    • Boots
    • Gloves

    Unity 5 Materials

    Set up for Unity 5 PBR material system with UMA 2.5

    • Albedo
    • Spec/Metal
    • Normal Map
    • AO
    • Emission



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