SciFi Interior Construction Pack

By arteria3d



SciFi Interior Construction Pack


The SciFi Interior pack utilizes our Klix3d Mesh System.  The pack allows the user to connect together floor, wall and ceiling meshes together to make any size, and shape of interior space.  A wide variety of materials are included, that can then be applied to these meshes, to customize the room texture design.  The scene is then completed with adding props that are included with the pack to add additional detail to the interior settings.


This pack has been designed to work with the Grid Snap Settings, whereby you can drag the mesh elements along in the 3d scene editor, and they will snap together, making placement very easy.  Hence, why we named our system Klix3d. Works with Unity 5.





 Steve, Project Director For Arteria3d, talks you through how to use the kit, detailing the construction pieces, props, materials etc.  Running time just under one hour!

PLEASE NOTE - The video depicts the older version of the pack from unity 4 - and does not reflect the quality of the pack now - the images shown on this product page are from UNITY 5


 Formats include Unity 5, FBX

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