Samurai Warrior for UMA2.5 and Unity Generic Mecanim Format

By arteria3d


Samurai Warrior for UMA2.5 and Unity Generic Mecanim Format

This highly detailed Samurai Warrior costume is for Unity UMA 2.5 and above.  Pack is provided with all slots, overlays and recipes for instant inclusion in your project.  All costume items are layered perfectly, so each is scaleable with the dimensions of your customised character avatar.  

This pack also provides the Samurai Warrior, for use in a 'non-uma' project, therefore if you don't use UMA, you can still use this character as its provided with the avatar base male mesh, setup for MECANIM, and the bonus of each bone being able to be scaled to size your character proportions too.


Pack Contains:

  • 11 Slots
  • 11 Overlays
  • 11 Wardrobe Recipes
  • Also includes variant on BaseHuman Race, which includes new slots for Additional Armour items

SLOTS Included & Overlays & Wardrobe Elements for:

    • Helmet
    • Helmet Decoration
    • Mask
    • Neck Armour
    • Torso Armour
    • Shoulder Armour
    • Belt
    • Tabbard(Komono)
    • Trousers
    • Shoes
    • Gauntlets

    Unity 5 Materials

    Set up for Unity 5 PBR material system with UMA 2.5

    • Albedo
    • Spec/Metal
    • Normal Map
    • AO



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