Anglo Saxon Village WorldBuilder Environment Pack Generic Format Version

By arteria3d


*Anglo Saxon Village WorldBuilder Environment Pack

The Anglo Saxon Village Worldbuilder pack is a highly detailed environment pack featuring a collection of historically inspired Anglo Saxon Village Buildings, props and 3d assets so you can create your own village for your game projects

Pack Contents:

  • 10 Buildings - with enterable Interiors.
  • 3 Carts
  • 4 Fence Prefabs
  • Well
  • Terrain Texture Pack
  • 3 Characters(See Below)

 Buildings have 3 LODS - 

Super High - 140kpolys - for your final video preview renders

Med - 30k

Game Ready - 12k

Includes 3 Characters

  • BlackSmith
  • 'The Warrior'
  • Female VillageLady



FBX 2010,2012,2017 (Thus allowing for total compatibility with engines)

DAE, UnityPackage



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