Skull Rock

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Skull Rock

SkullRock.. a dark, sinister Rock, standing high in the Mountains of Astriak. Manmade, or magic made?
No known documents exist on the structure.
This model is perfect for adding a dark, monstrous structure to your game world. Model features steps, of which can be climbed by your player, plus small cave sections.          


Available 3d formats                   

Pack License          


UnityPackage (Unity)
FBX (2010, 2012)
dts (Torque)
x (DirectX)
u3d (Ultimate Unwrap3D)
OGRE xml and MESH




Use Royalty Free in your projects.
No further payments required
by Arteria3d. Use in film, game,
book, game webpage for your
project. Simply credit arteria
for the content usage.                             


Model Specifications                                        



1 Material/1 Texture         

Poly/Tri Count   
Buildings range 6200          



Shader Maps

Normal/Spec Maps



No Rigging



SkullRock Mesh