Egypt - Luxor

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Luxor Temple

This beautiful pack is based on Luxor Temple, Egypt If you use unity, the pack is provided
with the full scene as depicted in the promo shots, all set up for you with LODgroups,
occlusion culling and all PBR materials setup.
If you purchase this today, you will also get the Egypt Town pack free when released in a few months time.


Modular Design - In setting up the LOD groups for unity, we decided to make each element modular
so that it would best utilise occlusion culling too - therefore you can set up the temple as you wish in many different designs.



Pack License
Use Royalty free in as many
projects as you wish, no further
payments to Arteria3d.

Included 3d Model Formats
Unity Package 5*(only with pack upgrade for $25), FBX, DAE,
Direct X, DTS, OBJ, MESH

*Contains:Over 50 modular elements (Trees(SpeedTree) are not provided, but If using unity, one palm is supplied with the standard free assets, plus the other palm can be purchased from the asset store. We provide an alternative free palm too for you.

PBR - Albedo/AO/SPEC/Normal

Unity Version is provided with full level scene
Poly Count
Each mesh between 700-2500.
Huge Abbey Building around 14k

Most with
Detail, Height

Model Formats

Full Unity Package with Scene, FBX, Direct X, DAE