Shanty Town Pack 2

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Shanty Pack 2 is the follow up pack to our massively popular Shanty Pack 1.

Pack 2 sets the stage with a bigger array of buildings - with the building count at 70, a combination of rundown buildings, to huge overcrowded cityblocks. Making this a premium pack is the inclusion of 12 animated characters including male and female NPC type characters, plus a Soldier.

Pack also includes various props, plus 5 Tree models to set the mood.

The pack includes all the singular building models featured in the promotional pictures you see here - plus 3 city street blocks with buildings laid out, with pathways leading around, plus alleyways leading from one side of the street to the backpart - great for quickly setting up a scene for your projects.    

                Download the 3d level, to explore the packs content

PC Downloadable level made in unity


Available 3d formats          

Pack License          


UnityFBX version Provided
FBX (2010, 2012)
dts (Torque)
x (DirectX)
u3d (Ultimate Unwrap3D)
OGRE xml and MESH




Use Royalty Free in your projects.
No further payments required
by Arteria3d. Use in film, game,
book, game webpage for your
project. Simply credit arteria
for the content usage.                             


Model Specifications  



  • 12 Characters, one each.
  • 20 materials for props.  
  • Buidlings (70+) use just 22materials.   

Poly/Tri Count   

  • Shanty buildings 2000-4000       
  • Props between 200-1400    
  • Characters 4-5k each 


Shader Maps

Normal/Spec Maps



12 Characters, Biped Rig, 48Bones



  • 70 Shanty Styled Buildings. 
  •  3 Full City Blocks(High rise)
  • 20 Props
  • 12 Animated Characters