Modern Sewer Construction Kit

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Modern Sewer Construction Kit

This highly realistic Modern Day Sewer Environment Pack provides you with a construction kit set of mesh  pieces to make your own sewer environment, whether small, or large. Simply connect the pieces in your 3d game editor, to lay out a level setting.


UNITY BONUS - Contains full scene level as in the promo pics(images from unity 4)

Pack License
Use Royalty free in as many
projects as you wish, no further
payments to Arteria3d.

Included 3d Model Formats
Unity Package, FBX, DAE,
Direct X, DTS, OBJ, MESH

9 connectable Sewer Rooms/Corridors
5 connectable Pipe Sections for the player to
climb into.
Various Pipe Props, ladders, barrels, signs etc.

Poly Count
Approx 280-3000    
Most with