Medieval Modular Building Core Kit

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This video depicts our new Modular Medieval Building Kit. This kit allows you to construct a whole medieval city environment from many component mesh pieces, such as walls, windows, roofs and a whole host of authentic medieval textures sourced from real medieval towns in the uk. With the video, we also made the scene come alive, by Whats more.. have you ever tried laying out regular buildings on a sloped surface? Its almost impossible to do this. With this kit, as scene in pic 2, the kit is supplied with specially formed mesh bases, that fit to the building's first floor, so they can be positioned on a sloping cobbled street setting! Kit also included animated Shop Signs, and WIndow Shutters.


Pack contains

  • 70 Meshes, a combination of Whole Wall Sections, Windows, Roofs, Beams, Doors, Windows, Shutters, Steps etc.
  • 60 Textures
  • 60 Shader Maps
  • Model formats included include FBX, DAE, b3d, Direct X, Unwrap3d
  • Characters as in  Video not included

The Pack in Use

The texture groups supplied in the pack, all fit onto their respective geometry pieces. For example, of the 15 or so Wooden Beam Wall Textures - these will fit onto any of the wall meshes, or Roof Front Wall sections, allowing you to simply swap out the texture style you want.  If using an editor like that in unity, simply drag one of the materials provided in the pack onto the wall, and it will display, with shader maps set up already.  Same for windows - the glass sections are separate groups from the window frames - therefore allowing you to drag and drop a 'glass window' texture onto the glass - and if using unity, these again are set up with reflections and shader maps.



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