Medieval BLOCKS

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MedBlocks is an addon for the Medieal Modular Building Kit, but can be used in its own right, without the modular kit - this kit enhances the core kit.

The kit provides you with a collection of mesh bricks, with many different stone textures that can be easy applied and swapped on all the bricks provided. A customer requested that such a pack be made, where you acn actually build up medieval buildings from one block! and until your building is created, and thats what we did!

Although it wouldnt be practical to have lots of these buildings in a scene, having a few buildings, where you can actually see the stone blocks standing out, rather than using normal maps, really enhances the medieval scene.

Once your bricks are in place, add your wooden beams, wooden floors, windows and finally your doorway, then cosy yoursel inside, beside the ol Log Fire, and relax in your medieval house, built by you!


Pack contains:

10 Brick/Stone Meshes

26 Brick/Stone Textures that can be swapped easily between all brick meshes

3 Roof Meshes - Slate, Worn Thatched, Fresh Thatch

Window Glass Textures with Transparency

5 Wooden Beam Meshes, with alternate wooden textures.

Daub Plaster meshes(This goes behind the stones, effectively in the realworld cementing the stones together) - Great, when leaving gaps between the stone

meshes to show the daub behind.