SciFi Marine

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Sci Fi Marine

Highly detailed Sci Fi Character complete with 36 animations,
perfect for FPS game productions.

Available 3d model formats:



Unity5 Package (Unity)
 Collada (For use in many engines, include T3d)
x (DirectX)
u3d (Ultimate Unwrap3D)
OGRE xml and MESH provided


Animations Provided as Single Track Animations with
start/stop times provided, plus Direct X, Unwrap3d, and
FBX are provided with Multitrack Animations(i.e.
Animations, that autoshow as a list with their respective
names, in engines such as Unity and others that support)

Model Specifications

Animations Included


Poly/Tri Count(Tris listed below)

Model is supplied with 3levels of Detail






6 Materials/6 Textures

Main Character
Assault Gun



Shader Maps




Rigged with Biped Skeleton

50 Bones


1) Combat_mode
2) Butt_kick
3) FireReady_standing
4) Pointing_standing
5) Fire_standing
6) Reload_standing
7) From_standing_to_layDown
8) Fire_lying
9) Daying_lying
13) FromLaying_toSquat
14) LookingAround_SquatA
15) FireReady_squat
16) Fire_squat
17) Reload_squat
18) Daying_squat
19) From_squat_to_standing
20) Grenade_throw
21) Moving_left
22) Moving_right
23) Jump
24) Run
25) Walking
26) Walking_back
27) Daying_on_back
28) Daying_on_belt
29) Fire_Runing
30) Fire_walking
31) Climbing_wall_idle
32) Climbing_wall_right
33) Climbing_wall_left
34) Climbing_rope
35) Climbing_ladder_up
36) Climbing_ladder_down