Medieval BlackSmith

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Medieval BlackSmith for FUSE

After download, simply unzip the FUSE files into the FUSE library folder, and they will appear in your FUSE Project as modular clothing pieces, ready to be clothed onto your character. The full scene is provided too, which will open up the costume clothing as depicted in the promo pics.

See how great the costume works too, on different body proportions in the fuse editor - In the promo pics, you can see the standard Male Fit character, then we simply swapped the base body to the Male Brute character, which is a much larger proportioned body, and the BlackSmith costume conforms to the new body size with no problem. This is the beauty of fuse!


Costume Elements Included

  • Apron
  • Gloves
  • Arm Bracelet
  • Trousers
  • Boots
  • Belt
  • Pliers

Fuse Colour Maps

The pack is provided with all the shader and texture maps needed by fuse, and everything is prebuilt for you, therefore when you install this pack, you can either open up the full costume with character as you see in the promo pics, or you can choose to modify the character, or even start from scratch, and add the armour elements as you wish!  We provide all the maps for you as separate parts of the pack too, so you can look at the colour map for example(the colour map, sections of parts of the mesh, to house different texture/substances)  - you can then alter as you wish when your experience with fuse grows.

 Note: Due to the auto rig process, the skirt area in the middle works, but to make animation more precise, you may need to smooth this area out yourself if you prefer smoother weighting.