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FEMALE KNIGHT CUSTOMISABLE MODULAR Character(OBF One Base Female) for UMA & UNITY Generic Formats

(To see more pics of the Armour sets, please click the bottom arrows under the images on on the left - its a little feint to see, hence why Arteria though we would mention it to you.)

 This is the female version(OBF - One Base Female) for UMA.  The pack compliments the Male version(OBM) for UMA.

OBF(one Base FeMale) for UMA is a customisable Knight Armour pack featuring just under 80 armour elements, such as Shoulder Armour, Gauntlets, Tabbards, Chest Armour and so fourth. The key detail of this pack, is that each item works in unison with the next armour item, as each mesh occupies its own Armour Zone, thus, you can swap out a shoulder mesh for another one in the kit, and there will be no mesh popthrough, no matter how many variations you have.  This was the key aim of the pack, providing a truly modular pack, where you can design as many UMA characters as you want, in the knowledge that you wont have pokethrough from a new piece that you introduced on your character


The pack also features many variations, providing on some pieces, both leather and plate armour texture versions.

Pack Contains:

  • Over 70 Armour Meshes
  • 90+Wardrobe Recipes
  • Also includes variant on BaseHuman Race, which includes new slots for Additional Armour items

SLOTS Included & Overlays 

  • Tabbard
  • Hood Chainmail(Separate lower & Top)
  • Shoulder Armour
  • Elbow Armour
  • Gauntlets
  • Tabbard Overclothing(Additional Clothing layer over Tabbard)
  • Thigh Armour
  • Belt
  • Boots
  • Knee Armour
  • Helmet


Unity 5 Materials

Set up for Unity 5 PBR material system with UMA 2.5

  • Albedo
  • Spec/Metal
  • Normal Map
  • AO