Spartan Warrior for Unity UMA 2.5 and above

Par arteria3d

"The Spartan Warrior " is designed for Unity 5 UMA 2.5 Character system..

All costume items scale and deform precisely so you can vary the size of your characters proportions


This pack can be used on its own, or you could combine it with any of our other knight UMA packs. This pack is compatible also with Arteria3d's OBM for UMA, as well as being able to be used in its own right. 

The unique aspect of these sets is that every armour and clothing mesh  work snugly with each other, allowing you to use different elements from different knight packs, and they 'just work' without mesh/face clashing.  Therefore, if you have purchased 3 knight sets(A,B,F) - its easy to drag a Wardrobe Shoulder Armour Set from Knight B, and use it on Knight A.

If you like these Knight Costume Kits, why not purchase the full modular set with all Knight Armour elements in? Search UMA OBM


Pack Contains:

  • Helmet
  • Chest Armour
  • Wrist Armour
  • Sword Holder
  • Skirt
  • Skirt Leather Addon
  • Shin Armour
  • Shoes
  • Sword
  • Shield
  • 10 Slots
  • 10 Overlays
  • 10 Wardrobe Recipes
  • Also includes variant on BaseHuman Race, which includes new slots for Additional Armour items


    Unity 5 Materials

    Set up for Unity 5 PBR material system with UMA 2.5

    • Albedo
    • Spec/Metal
    • Normal Map
    • AO



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