The Deepened

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The Deepened...

A malevolent creature from the depths of the dark seas.

This character fits well with a horror inspired or fantasy setting alike.



Available 3d model formats:  



Unity 5 Package

Unreal Engine

 x (DirectX)
u3d (Ultimate Unwrap3D)
OGRE xml and MESH provided



Animations Provided as Single Track Animations with
start/stop times provided, plus Direct X, Unwrap3d, and
FBX are provided with Multitrack Animations(i.e.
Animations, that autoshow as a list with their respective
names, in engines such as Unity and others that support)


Model Specifications                                      

Animations Included                                                


Poly/Tri Count(Tris listed below)

Model is supplied with 2levels of Detail








1 Materials/1 Textures

Main Character


Shader Maps

Normal/Spec Maps/AO



Rigged with Biped Skeleton

37 Bones


Provided with 20 attack animations

















 Animations are only to be used on Arteria3d characters.  Credit to My Necturus for animations.             

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