HDRP Desert Rock & Foliage Pack

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Beautiful &Highly detailed Desert Rock & Foliage Pack, created with HDRP ready assets for Unity 2019.4.14 and above.

The Pack features a collection of Rock & Foliage assets, featuring 2 LOD's, collision  and defined as PREFABS in unity for easy drag and drop

The pack is provided with a demo scene and includes the content you see in the screenshot images, complete with terrain and terrain textures

The pack can be used royalty-free within your project, with no further payments needed.


 Pack contains

10 Rocks

8 Foliage Items

5 Terrain Textures

Unity HDRP Demo Scene

All assets set up as PREFABS with collision, and HDRP settings, including Height Tessalation for closet LOD for highest detail.