Anglo Saxon Village WorldBuilder Environment Pack

By arteria3d


Anglo Saxon Village WorldBuilder Environment Pack

The Anglo Saxon Village Worldbuilder pack is a highly detailed environment pack featuring a collection of historically inspired Anglo Saxon Village Buildings, props and 3d assets so you can create your own village for your game projects

Pack Contents:

  • 10 Buildings - with enterable Interiors.
  • 3 Carts
  • 4 Fence Prefabs
  • Well
  • Terrain Texture Pack
  • 3 Characters(See Below)


Includes 3 Characters

  • BlackSmith
  • 'The Warrior'
  • Female VillageLady

UNITY USERS - Pack provided with full unity scene setup

The pack features the above 3 characters,  set up for Unity UMA.  If you don't have skills with uma, that's fine as the characters are provided as PREFABS and setup for mecanim animations.  You don't need any knowledge of UMA to use - as they are prefabs, simply use them as regular 3d characters and apply your mecanim animations,. 


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