ORC Of The Clan FUSE Costume

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ORC Of The Clan FUSE Costume

The ORC Plate Armour set for FUSE, is provided with 7 costume elements, of which you can put onto your fuse avatar.  Great for any Fantasy RPG game.

Costume Elements Included (All already imported into FUSE)

We even provide you with the scene that when loaded shows the Orc Character already set up with the body deformers, and the costume elements, so it looks exactly as it does in the promo images!

  • Torso Armour
  • Tabbard
  • ShoulderArmour
  • Gauntlets
  • Thigh Guards
  • Belt
  • Boots


After download, simply unzip the FUSE files into the FUSE library folder, and they will appear in your FUSE Project as modular clothing pieces, ready to be clothed onto your character. The full scene is provided too, which will open up the costume clothing as depicted in the promo pics.