Medieval Farm Worker A

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Medieval Farm Worker A

The pack contains the following Clothing items, that you can easily alter the material type, substance, and colour.  Check out the Promo Pics on this product page, which depicts the clothing.

The Armour Pack contains:

  • Tabbard
  • Belt
  • Trousers
  • Shoes

 How To use in Fuse?

USING COSTUMES in FUSE – How to install
All these packs are FUSE ready, no need for import – follow these guidelines to use

• Download and Unzip Pack
• Go to FUSE, FILE menu, then select ‘Browse imported Clothing’
• (If this category doesn’t show, you will need to import ‘any’ dummy 3d object, such as a cube, primitive, anything really, with no maps, to initiate the heading
• Open the folder from the downloaded pack – you will see a ‘cloths’ folder.
• Copy the contents of this folder(not the folder itself) into the cloths folder that was found, when you selected ‘browse imported clothing’ as above
• Go to file menu, and select REFRESH.
• Load the scene that comes in the download for the pack