SciFI Marine for Unity UMA2

By arteria3d

$3.80 $19.00

SciFI Marine for Unity UMA2, and its new PBR material system.

This character is built for the UMA2 modular character system in Unity5.
Each body part is modular and can be attached to the UMA character
for endless customisation possibilities.
Utilising Unity 5's new PBR system, each Body Armour Part is already set up
with normal, specular, detail, height, emission.

Textures are supplied in 3 resolutions

8192, 4096, 2048


  • Helmet
    Torso Armour
    Thigh Armour
    Knee Armour



One for each of above, all set up with Unity 5 new material system.



All items scale and resize with the body adjusters in UMA.




With praise and gratitude to SecretAnorak for all his assistance, and creating the UMA Character Preview Tool.

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