Knight C Generic Formats

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Knight C

This is the standlone Generic format version of our Knight C from the Unity UMA Modular Knight Pack, and can now be used standalone in any game engine via the FBX and DAE formats provided.

This line of character are intended to be used as your Hero Character - i.e. main character in your project due to it being 50k. However if you purchase this today, you will also receive within a few weeks 2 LOD versions of the character also.



We supply a FBX 2012 format in the pack that has been tested with Mixamo Animations - and all work flawlessly.  In fact, they all look super!

Pack Contains:

Knight C Character

Formats Included

  • FBX 2012, 2015,2017

  • Unity Package
  • DAE


Pack provided with PBR Materials(Although can be used with all engines in non PBR mode) 

  • Albedo
  • Spec/Metal
  • Normal Map
  • AO
  • If using unity - the unitypackage provided everything set up for PBR