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The Medieval KNIGHT CUSTOMISABLE MODULAR Pack featuring dozens of modular and interchangeable costume parts

Pack features 



Unity Package


The model provided as one, with all costume elements as individual groups, for hiding and showing.

This Knight Armour pack features just under 100 armor elements, such as Shoulder Armour, Gauntlets, Tabbards, Chest Armour, and so forth. The key detail of this pack is that each item works in unison with the next armor item, as each mesh occupies its own Armour Zone, thus, you can swap out a shoulder mesh for another one in the kit, and there will be no mesh pop though, no matter how many variations you have.  This was the key aim of the pack, providing a truly modular pack, where you can design as many Knight  characters as you want, in the knowledge that you won't have poke-through from a new piece that you introduced on your character

 The pack also features many variations, providing on some pieces, both leather, and plate armor texture versions.

Pack Contains:

  • 100 Armour Meshes
  • Many texture Variations - i.e. Chain, Scale Mail, multiple cloth designs


    Textures for PBR include:

    • Albedo
    • Spec/Metal
    • Normal Map
    • AO.