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What is it?

ONE BASE FEMALE(OBF) is a character customisation kit, providing a base female character in underwear at the outset, provided with many costume styles and armour elements that fit onto this character(all are rigged already, and provide as part of the model file)
What makes this kit quite unique?
The intereresting part of this kit, is that its not fixed to one genre - The kit includes medieval and sci fi costumes, and armour pieces, allowing you to not only make medieval, or sci fi based styled characters, but an interesting mix of the two, allowing for some interesting medieval/scifi hybrid characters.
Use Unity?
Customers who use unity get the added bonus of the kit set up to use with a scene provided with a collection of ready made characters from the kit, as depicted in the promo images. The Unity version allows intuitive use of the kit, with all models, animations, textures, materials, and shader maps set up for you.
Check out the video below, to see how easy the kit is to use.
Same Animations
If using unity, animations shared between kits
Identical  Materials shared between Male & Female Version
Identical  Shader Maps
Identical Male & Female Clothing/Armour
The below video shows the Male version of the OBM series - both the male and female are the same - they share the same animations if using unity,
the same mater
Click the icon at the bottom right of the cideo to view fullscreen - please wait a few seconds before full resolution of the video image is stabilised. 
NEW FEATURES in V3(Just Released) INclude:
  • Bow Animations
  • Sword Animations
  • Two Handed Sword Animations
  • Magic Animations
  • General Animations
  • Horse Rider Animations
  • Free Horse including Animations to go with Rider based animations

 Animations are only to be used on Arteria3d characters.  Credit to My Necturus for animations.