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Hi All Members

Ive been asked recently due to all the support on the Medieval FUSE costumes, if i would create a new OBM V2.  After putting a lot of consideration to this, ive decided to do so, and create the rig, so the base mesh can have sizeable body parts, in that you can change the sizing of biceps, forearms, thighs, neck, chest area and more. Due to the ammount of time in terms of man hours this project will take, if any members is interested in supporting the project with $35 that would be highly apreciated.  We havent run a support fund for quite a while now, and this would ensure the project gets completed.

Members who support will also get early access to the product, this next week, and be able to throw in ideas of how they would like to see the product develop.

Due to very very strong competition now from all the engine asset stores, these support funds really do help to develop new products.

The purchase page is below - and there is a short video on there depicting the very early stages of the obm v2.

Hopefully you saw our new release yesterday which was our Medieval Bard & Son - and this will also be part of the OBM v2.