MIxamo Fuse Support Fund

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Fuse member addon



FUSE is an application by Mixamo/Adobe that allows custom modular costumes, armour, and clothing to be imported into etc, that can then be added to modular characters that can be created within Fuse.


Arteria has been asked by many members to make modular clothing content for FUSE....Due to the out of scope nature of setting content up in fuse, this is a low cost addon exclusive to members for just $30.

Although this is a voluntary fee, in that you will get access to the assets regardless, arteria obviously need to continue to draw funds in, so its very much welcome if you support this.

If not, thats fine.. you still get access

With competition now from many engine asset stores, your support is greatly appreciated and thank you already to the customers who have supported us.

The first release is a  Leather Warrior Costume set, providing you with all the armour pieces shown in the promo pics, already set up in FUSE format containing over 20 modular elements


The magic of FUSE... one costume, not matter whether male or female gnre...

Not only will this work on all the male characters you make within FUSE, it also works on the female characters too, thus no need for separate armour pieces to fit the female genre.. The meshes will automatically scale to the female form!!!