Egypt 3d Training for Unity 5

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 Egypt 3d Training for ICLONE

Luxor Temple

With this training course set to start on 28th November, Steve from Arteria3d will show you how to create the buildings as depicted in the Egypt Luxor Model pack - a video of which is below. Using in-expensive but intuitive tools such as Hexagon 3d and Unwrap3d, you will learn how to create the buildings, uv map them and then texture them. 

Steve then shows you how to import into Unity 5, and apply the shader maps(normal, specular etc) to create the visual aspects to the models, adding reflections etc.

The course is broken into 4 week sections, and with each week you will receive a video download, plus example models, and you have Steve at the healm, to help you with your 3d questions whilst you are learning.