Admin 2020 Fund

By arteria3d


For a few years we have bypassed doing the yearly Voluntary Admin Fund, but regularly receive emails from customers and members, who value out continued support of product lines to perhaps offer a donation page, or such like.

Especially with FUSE being taken off the market in September, its now we need to look at new product lines, engines and such like to support, to bring you all the great new content over the next few years

So today whilst planning budgets, ive decided to run the Voluntary Admin Fund.  There is no obligation in anyway for existing members to support this, but it really does help.

In previous years, its been difficult to put a value on the admin amount due to limitations of the apps on our store, but now we can offer a product page, where you can donate how much you wish, if it is your wish to do so.

Thank you for all your support and assistance over the past 15 years... 15 years!!!.. hardly can believe it. Heres to another 15 years!

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