Future NOW

By arteria3d

Future NOW...

Provides a large selection of futuristic environment assets, allowing you to construct a large Modern-Futuristic city.  Pack contains pre built StreetBlocks, Skyscrapers, Pathways, Roads, Sushi Road Bar, Advertisement animated revolving boards, Bridge and lots more.



Pack Development.
4 months in the making, this pack grown and grown with its content.  The first release, is a more futuristc cityscape pack, whilst the next release will add modern downtown elements.  A Third release adds historical buildings, and cinemas, theatres etc, in true neo classical futuristic style.


With Special Thanks to:

Japanese sign translation help by Jiyukai Endo


Video Walkaround direct from the Unity 3d scene.

Pack License
Use Royalty free in as many
projects as you wish, no further
payments to Arteria3d.

Included 3d Model Formats
Direct X, DTS, OBJ, MESH

22 Connectable Mesh Pieces
1 large cityblock containing approx. 30-40 buildings.
10 Tower/Skyrscrapers
1 Animated Advertisement Board
6 Road Modular Pieces
1 Large River spanning Bridge
A Shopping Mall
1 Large Cinema Screen Advertisement Building
1 Large Tower

Poly Count
Singular SkyTowers approx

Whole City Blocks(contains approx
30-40buildings) 9000k
Props 200-2000   

Most with
Detail, Height


If you wish to purchase the Unity 4 scene for this pack it can be purchased for just $29

This will work in unity 5, but you will need to adjust the lighting settings and utilise your own glow effect

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