Cave Construction Kit

By arteria3d

$16.00 $20.00
Cave Construction Kit

A pack containing individual cave meshes, stalactites, chasm with bridge, skeletal remains, vine and cave torches.  The pieces can be eassily fitted together in your 3d editor, to create many different cave corridors, including corridor pieces, entrance pieces, a closer piece to section of the cave section where you want the cave corridor to end, plus ramp and curve sections.

Pack contains 40 pieces.  Each cave section approx 3-4000 polys
 Normal Maps included



Available 3d formats

Pack License          

FBX (2010, 2012) unity
dts (Torque)
x (DirectX)
u3d (Ultimate Unwrap3D)
OGRE xml and MESH




Use Royalty Free in your projects.
No further payments required
by Arteria3d. Use in film, game,
book, game webpage for your
project. Simply credit arteria
for the content usage.                             


Model Specifications  



6 Material/Textures

6 Material/Textures                            

Poly/Tri Count   
Buildings range 3-4k each          



Shader Maps

Normal/Spec Maps



No Animated objects



40 Cave Meshes

Cave Torch

10 Foliage items(toadstools etc)              







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