Dungeon Ultimate


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Medieval Church & Graveyard Pack

Stunning and highly detailed dungeon construction pack, allowing you to make your own dungeon levels, to your design. Why not also include a feature in your game, allowing your players to create thie own dungeon, and spawn monsters and traps?. The pack provides a series of varied meshes that fit together snugly.  Part of this pack also includes Castle Room elements, including the stunning Grand Chamber Room, plus many addon castle room corridors, that fit onto the regular dungeon pieces.  




Available 3d formats          

Pack License          

FBX (2010, 2012)
DAE Collada
x (DirectX)
u3d (Ultimate Unwrap3D)



Use Royalty Free in your projects.
No further payments required
by Arteria3d. Use in film, game,
book, game webpage for your
project. Simply credit arteria
for the content usage.                             


Model Specifications  



  • Dungeon pieces use 20
  • 20 materials for props.                           

Poly/Tri Count   

Dungeon pieces 800-2000    
Larges ornate meshes including
grand chamber 6000+       


Shader Maps

Normal/Spec Maps



No Animated objects



    • 25 Dungeon Connectable Meshes.
    • Grand Chamber Bonus Room
    • Large Prison Cellblock
    • 20 Prop pack including a variety of props
    • Props including torches, statues and more.