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Medieval Knights Pack featuring 4 Animated Knights

Pack includes the 4 different knight models as shown in the table below.
Quality 3d characters, ready for RPG and MMO games.
Provided with Weapon and NPC Gesture animations






Available 3d model formats:  j



UnityPackage (Unity)
FBX (2010, 2012)
dts (Torque, with dsq files for each animation
Collada (For use in many engines, include T3d)
x (DirectX)
u3d (Ultimate Unwrap3D)
OGRE xml and MESH provided



Animations Provided as Single Track Animations with
start/stop times provided, plus Direct X, Unwrap3d, and
FBX are provided with Multitrack Animations(i.e.
Animations, that autoshow as a list with their respective
names, in engines such as Unity and others that support)


Model Specifications                                      

Animations Included                                                


Poly/Tri Count(Tris listed below)

Model is supplied with 2levels of Detail

Main:10k approx, plus accessories






Material For Each body group

Plus Separate Weapon materials


Shader Maps

Normal/Spec Maps for each Texture



Rigged with Biped Skeleton

55 Bones


























Over 30 Animations including


TwoHanded Swordplay


Sword & Shield


20 NPC Gesture Animations, walks, idles,etc





















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