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Ornate Castle Pack for Unity 5

Putting the final touches to the next gen of arteria content packs.  An ornate castle, set out in unity 5 with full pbr. Release date is 14th August 2015 This will also be released for unreal engine too shortly.

Medieval Building Training Course

The Medieval Building Training Course begings this monday, November 3rd.  The course runs for 6 weeks and offers each week, a tuition course on making 3d medieval buildings.  At the end of the 6 weeks you will have a collection of 6 medieval building models that you have created with the help of ...

Viking Pack 2

Arteria3d are hard at work on Viking Pack 2 Environment kit, which will be based on Jorvik, the city that is now York in the Uk. The pack has been researched extensively, and work has began, providing a largescale modular Viking Building Pack, plus props and characters too.