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An interview with Steve, Chief Artist at Arteria3d by Unity Asset Store

Produced via kind permission of Unity3d An interview Steve(Director at Arteria3d), did for unity3d back in 2012. Full link to interview: [url][/url] Arteria3D, aka Steve Finney, is an Asset Store success story with sev...

Fuse Costumes & Unity 5 Flag Pack

Many new FUSE costumes released this past month, including Medieval BlackSmith, Elven Warrior Armour and Scribes outfit. Also, new Fantasy Flag Pack released for Unity 5 providing fully customisable flags, incorporating unity 5 cloth physics.

Ornate Castle Pack for Unity 5

Putting the final touches to the next gen of arteria content packs.  An ornate castle, set out in unity 5 with full pbr. Release date is 14th August 2015 This will also be released for unreal engine too shortly.